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How did a Major Air Cargo Company grow its sales using Direct Marketing?


Getting the mail to the Shippers can be difficult
The shippers of Air Cargo can be anyone in the company, including the President.  Or the Shipper can be the Warehouse Guy in the back of the warehouse. Here's the problem: nicely dressed Receptionists may not want to deliver mail to the back of the dusty, dirty warehouse. The front office mailroom person may not want to go "back into the dungeon".

We invested the Time to get the Offer right
We spent a lot of time at the Air Cargo Warehouse, looking for a way to satisfy all the needs for this campaign. We created a campaign that was "business-like" yet cute and playful. We knew that being a bit playful would increase the response rate.


We found something cute and unusual to create interest in the target audience

We created a substantial Cardboard Outer Carton in the style of a valuable Shipment. Using an image that was "relevant" to the Warehouse Guy - a palletized shipment. We made the mailing look like the typical large shipment - a large cardboard box on a pallet.  

Click Photo to Enlarge

Irresistible words on the outer carton: 


Our carton resembled an actual shipping carton, in miniature

This is the image of Air Cargo shipping for the larger volume users. 

Letter with Telephone Sticker displays local Air Cargo Phone Numbers

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While a single 800-toll-free number is simplest to do, it seemed better to have the local personalized number of the direct desk that handles Air Cargo rates and pickups.  After all, we're promoting better service - and direct seems to be better than indirect. (true) 

We were attempting to have the user place our Phone Sticker on the user's telephone. Amazingly, about 30% of the prospects do put the Sticker on their Phone. (surprising, but true)

The letter says "Cut the red tape by using CP Air Cargo . . ." 

Strangely, in interviews with Air Cargo users, they frequently said "I wish some Air Cargo company would cut out all the red tape in shipping Air Cargo..." So we used that phrase up front in our Marketing. And created this odd fellow wrapped in red tape.

26 Ways booklet:

A small booklet was included, listing 26 of the most relevant Air Cargo questions, including some simple answers and some complex answers. This would guarantee interest from both inexperienced and experienced Air Cargo shippers.

The prospect would read and retain the booklet. 

He would value the information contained in the booklet, and the company that provided that valuable information. He would respect their expertise in this crucial area of shipping. He would begin to use CP Air Cargo. (They did!)

We created special product logos to satisfy the needs of the Cargo Shippers who wanted Guaranteed Delivery.

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Reply Card
On the reply card, a recipient could request more information. The boxes checked told us the specific needs and preferences of this prospect. We added this information to the CP Air Cargo list and can now keep this name active (or add new names) onto their mailing lists.

The performance was truly spectacular 

It took about 6 months for the poorly regarded, lowly Air Cargo division of CP Air  to be noticed, and then it become the "Star" Division of the company.
Because of this campaign, for years, the Air Cargo division remained the "Star" Division in spite of very good growth by the Passenger Division.

We were told that they were running at 110 % capacity on the main routes - an impossibility. However, cargo revenue was so good that CP Cargo would charter their competitors' Cargo Flights. 

Naturally, we did more mailings for CP Air Cargo. We built a great list, loaded with pertinent information about the shipper's needs and preferences. 

If you run a Cargo Shipping Service, by Air, Land or Sea, this idea could generate phenomenal Cargo Revenue, build a great customer list and supply prospect lists of real buyers. 

Do you want to have a similar success for your company? Do you need some reasons to choose to Outsource this to Best Practices Marketing? 

Time to Market: We specialize in these types of mailings, and we're FAST. We can do it in weeks, while your Ad people will take months to do such a complex campaign. 
Cost Effective: At Best Practices Marketing, we're cost-effective because we have all the custom dies already made. This is one time where outsourcing a job to an Industrial Specialist like Best Practices Marketing makes good sense. Your in-house staff could never accomplish this, as we've left out some important details. 
We're Professional: Best Practices Marketing will look after it professionally and fast and cheap. Give Doug White a call at 778-435-2120. We ship all over North America and Europe, but this could be done anywhere. 
Outsourcing to Best Practices Marketing relieves the workload on your Marketing People: We usually look after the campaign cradle-to-grave, including Graphics, Printing, Lists, Mailing and Postage. Often, these campaigns are run between us and the CEO of a company, avoiding the Marketing Dept almost entirely. Only 4 hours of CEO time is required for this whole campaign. Optionally, we can dovetail with Marketing or the Ad Agency. 

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If you sell a Service of any kind, this campaign could work really well for you, modified to fit your services. If your customers can choose from multiple similar suppliers for the service you offer - then especially you need to call us about this idea - it's gang-busters !!!

If you sell a Product with a L-O-N-G sales cycle between initial contact and closing the sale, this idea could work well. If you're in a complex business, with multiple decision-makers, or inaccessible decision-makers, then this is a neat, powerful and successful idea. 

If you sell Real Estate, this can be an excellent Marketing Investment.

If you sell Medical Products to Medical Professionals or End Users, then this is a superb way to reach those users with a soft-sell method that produces big sales results.


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