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 Internet Marketing - Discover the Power of the Internet combined with our years of experience in Direct Mail Marketing

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   B2B Lead GenerationCase Study B2B  

Internet Marketing will quickly increase sales at Businesses who sell B2B
How to make more sales, lower your cost-of-sales, build a CRM Marketing Database, find more new customers and create Client Loyalty. See these examples of smart Business-to-Business B2B marketing, click the buttons below.

Case Study B2BCase Study B2BCase Study B2B

Case Study B2BCase Study B2BCase Study B2B

   Search Engine Marketing Case Study B2B   Your Website needs to be found on Google & other Search Engines
Paid SEM (Adwords) - the purchasing of Keywords can be expensive compared to no-cost natural SEO techniques. We have a large number of Search Engine Optimization techniques that are successful, repeatable, scaleable and are considered "White-Hat". These change constantly, and our experts keep our methods up to date.
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  Lists for Emailing & Direct MailCase Study B2B   Quality Targeted Lists are the KEY to Getting Good Response and Being Successful
We're Experts at creating powerful well-targeted lists, unique to every business. Focused lists allow Direct Marketing and Internet Email Programs to have low risk, favorable cost-effectiveness and minimal waste. Targeted lists simply perform better. We can expand beyond your current customer lists, using a wide range of tested & proven ideas. We'll also find you lists that are only available Case Study B2Bfrom our other clients in the Direct Marketing industry,
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Can you keep a secret?
Website, SEO, Social Media, E-commerce, TeleSeminars, Email Marketing, SEM & Strategy. We even have a way to send 3-Dimensional objects by email - really! We don't reveal our Internet Ideas publicly, because our best ideas can be copied
Contact Us to get More Information, Free Ideas, and our Free DVD too easily. However, we can show you in person. Attend our meetups in Vancouver, where Doug White, our President, will show you how to increase your sales responses from 2% to 32%.


 Using Social Media Marketing

Case Study B2B Case Study B2B
Case Study B2B
  Now Social Media can Increase your Sales
Even if you don't understand why Social Media makes any sense yet ...  Today, plans should include Social Media to get more website visitors, better SEO rankings and build mailing lists.

Video should be incorporated into most of your Internet activities. Mentor Marketing is fully equipped to produce both economical videos as well as sophisticated productions.


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