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Our Clients give us the nicest Testimonials


Client Testimonial  


David Andrews, owner of RE/MAX Real Estate Services, has won the coveted RE/MAX International Broker of the Year Award.  David has used us for Direct Mail since the early 1980's, and he uses us today.

RE/MAX Real Estate 

David Andrews own words say it best:

Doug’s Marketing, if followed, can transform your business. Give him free rein and hang on. 
I asked Doug to help me with a Direct Marketing Campaign, which he did, and in the process he taught me so much about it I have never looked back. He made the process simple and always recommended the best people and suppliers unselfishly. As a Realtor, he helped me take my sales from 25 a year to 70+ a year. As a Real Estate Office Owner he helped me build a 75-person office from zero. The office is the top producing office in Vancouver, Canada, and has earned me RE/MAX International’s Broker/Owner of the year out of thousands of offices. Doug White made me Millions but charged me only Thousands. Call me at 619-518-8598 or email me at if I can be helpful with any more information about him."

David Andrews, RE/MAX Real Estate Services

To see some ideas about selling Real Estate, follow this link:  Real Estate Case Study



Overland Freight Lines tried a campaign and it was so successful that the company used Direct Marketing for years with great results each time.

Overland Freight Lines

Mountain of Entries swamps Overland Freight.  "Shocked!" by the tremendous response was the reaction by Overland President and part owner Jim Donald. (left) "We expected a good response, but we were overwhelmed. ... Because of the response to this promotion, we're already planning the next one ." See Newsletter, click HERE.

See the full campaign we produced for Overland Freight. Click here.  Truck Freight B2B Case Study


Canadian Airlines credits our Direct Marketing Programs with increasing their sales by $2.25 Billion

Frequent User Loyalty Programs:  Direct Marketing works especially well in combination with Frequent User and Loyalty Programs.  Airlilne Loyalty Programs - White PaperYou can save money by doing less mailings. Click this button to see our Loyalty Programs 

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Targeted Mailings

Targeted mailings work by sending messages only to those who are most likely to buy or respond. When you eliminate waste, you get more cost-effective marketing.

Direct Marketing can help increase your sales: Targeted Direct Mailings

Targeted Mailings can be a cost-effective way for you to send messages to your target audience. This means you can select the exact business types that you want, without waste. We can select by other criteria as well, such as Geographic Area, Sales Volume, and many other specific behaviors of businesses. A technique of geographic targeting in combination with email marketing can be quite cost-effective.

Mailing lists:

We can help manage your mailing lists and name acquisition - and do it painlessly. We'll make sure that your Direct Mail Program is cost-effective for you. 

We can help you expand beyond your current customer lists, using a whole range of tested, proven ideas. You may need a custom mailing list because your company's needs are unique. Our methods integrate name-gathering as part of our regular service. We'll also find you lists that are available only within the Direct Mail industry, or from other clients. Our Loyalty Program experience gives us great advantages in obtaining list access.


85% Success Rate


We have a 85% success record with our clients.  

We've done literally thousands of Direct Mail Campaigns, with an 85 percent success record with our clients. Not all campaigns are successful - but our excellent track record means you can be more assured of success with Best Practices Marketing. It's simply that we have more experience.

See a list of our Clients:  Click:  Our Client List



For over 20 years Doug White has done Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing for major clients in just about any industry you can imagine



Telephone Companies & Utilities
Loyalty Programs

Internet Strategy & E-Commerce

Social Media Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Consumer Electronics

Industrial Products & Services

Office Products & Supplies

Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agents

Security Systems

Computers - Hardware & Software


Industrial supplies

Real Estate - Commercial & Residential

Air Cargo, Truck & Courier Companies

Automotive - Cars

Automotive - Services

Home Improvement & Renovations

Promotions, Contests, Draws, Prizes

Franchise, Retail & Chain Stores

Wholesaler, Importer & Distributor


Financial Services

Trade Shows & Seminars

Lead Generation
List Building
Medical Supplies

For the industries above, we usually have printed samples of campaigns we've done. Ask to see some of these success stories. Phone 778-435-2120 or email us at    Contact Us




Performance Counts in Direct Marketing

We've achieved spectacular results for some of our clients: 

For BC Telephone, now known as Telus, we achieved  response rates that averaged 22 to 26% over several years. Those are truly amazing numbers. From our competitors, BC Tel received a response rate of just 2 to 4% - about the industry average. See some examples by clicking these buttons: Telecom B2C Case StudyTelecom B2B Case Study


Canadian Airlines

Our Direct Mail Promotions averaged 25% response over a 10-year period for Canadian Airlines. See some examples by clicking these buttons:: 

CP Air Cargo B2B Case StudyCP Air Asian theme B2C Case Study

How do we do it at Mentor Marketing? 

We've learned what ideas worked best for each client. Our experience with having produced over 8000 Direct Mail Campaigns gives us the advantage of an idea-bank inventory of tested, proven ideas that Mentor Marketing can use to increase your sales and response rates.

To see our Client List, click:  Our Client List

To contact us, click:Contact Us 


B2C Case Studies:

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B2B Case Studies:

Wajax Industrial B2B Case Study Cloverdale Paint B2B DHL Courier B2B Case Study Shipping Supplies B2B Case Study Telecom B2B Case Study CP Air Cargo B2B Case Study Truck Freight B2B Case Study Loyalty Program Case Study

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