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How did DHL use our Direct Marketing to Launch Their New Courier Service - and Won a Major Award too!

DHL Worldwide Express - Award-Winning Launch created using multiple Direct Marketing Campaigns

DHL Worldwide Express is a large International Express Courier delivery service, offering a FedEx-style service to mainly international destinations. They have a range of Services from simple envelope delivery to an extensive range of expensive upgraded services. There is a significant premium cost for these overnight deliveries - as there is for any premium priced service such as FedEx. 

DHL Courier's objectives were to develop sales to both existing customers and new customers.

Campaign:  A special DHL Passport was created 

The Passport was real-looking and offered 12 substantial Travel and Cash Prizes - one per month. Like a passport, the cover was embossed and foil stamped and had an identifier number. It looked like an authentic passport - unlike most Direct Mail which looks economical - this Passport looked too good to discard. The Passport also contained free product use coupons to get trial experiences using DHL services.

One month's draw prize might be a fabulous vacation trip to Paris 

During that month, the DHL prospects would receive a personal Postcard from France as a reminder. Throughout the year, prize draws of trips to Brazil, Australia, Tokyo, Rome and London were offered. Plus, other incentives were offered.

On Alternate months the qualified prospects were offered "free trial offers" on  3 different  DHL courier services

Examples such as an overnight envelope to the US, or a deluxe priority service to Europe. Most businesses will benefit from one or more of DHL's excellent priority envelope/package services.

What we're not revealing on this webpage

The secret to good Direct Mail is participation by the viewer, what we call the "Play Value". We've deliberately avoided showing the world how exactly we did it on this website. However, we'd love to show you this in person, face to face. For this and most examples on this website, we have printed samples of the exact campaign that we can show you. This campaign has over 100 different printed items that were used throughout this Campaign for DHL.

Repeat activity by each prospect
This would give each prospect the actual experience of using many of DHL's unique services. Once the prospect had used several of DHL's services, they could be expected to become a continuing DHL customer for one or more DHL courier services.

It was Very Successful for DHL ! 

It worked very well. This campaign also won a major Marketing Award for its excellence. We also produced it in both English and French, as it was a cross-Canada marketing program.

DHL Worldwide Express received spectacular results, sales, leads and future business
Most important to DHL was the increase in the number of new users
, and repeat users. New accounts could be expected to be customers of DHL forever. Direct Mail is a natural for businesses who want to attract new business - for both businesses who know their exact customer industry profile and for businesses who don't know their exact customer industry profile. For the same reasons, Direct Mail can bring in precisely planned quality sales leads.

See this mailer in detail
We have samples of this campaign that we can show you in person. 

Direct Mail can sell both Services and Products to Businesses
This campaign for DHL is a typical Business-to-Business Service Campaign. Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to businesses, including  Telecom, Coffee Services, Machinery Repair Services and Delivery/Cargo Services. Also, Direct Mail Marketing works well for most companies who sell Products to businesses: such as Office Furniture, Stationary, Copier Sales, Computer Sales, Paper Products, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, and most other Business-to-Business sellers. Whether you sell a service or a product to a business, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well.

Isn't a list needed? Yes and No.
Yes, this mailer was sent to a list of qualified prospects. Ordinarily, a combination of prospect size, prospect industry, and prospect geographic location can develop a good mailing list for prospecting. A campaign like this can often work successfully without the need for a self-owned list, as we can often compile a list from outside sources. As well, a blanket-coverage of businesses in industrial areas can find you excellent prospects at a very low cost. 

What's the cost for a Direct Marketing Campaign?
We'd suggest that you start with a minimum budget of $5000 to $10,000 to effectively test a Direct Marketing program. This larger campaign for DHL Express cost substantially more - well over $100,000. After a few successful campaigns, you can increase the scope of your Direct Marketing. Direct Mail Marketing can actually build any business into a much larger one - fast.

Another good reason for outsourcing this campaign
It is true that the Brazilian Secret Police arrested our employee in Brazil for working on this campaign, and detained her for 4 hours of intense grilling by often-nasty authorities. Once released, she was so upset, she couldn't work - she wouldn't even speak to our President who phoned her. So we sent her a mammoth "Full Wall of Flowers" and a sincere apology - she did return his phone call. (And she was OK.)  We won't tell you what innocent "mistake" she made, but this is one time where outsourcing could save the life of your employee - when you choose Mentor Marketing we certainly know which mistake not to make again. (Alas, this is a true experience.)


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