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How to increase B2B sales

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B2B Marketing - How Internet Marketing and Direct Mail will Boost your B2B Sales and find you New Customers


How to Increase B2B Sales
Selling to Businesses using Direct Marketing:

Business-to-business Direct Marketing works so well
because it's targeted and cost-effective.

Sell more to your existing business customers

Create fresh sales from new customers

Build a list of sales leads and prospects

Send out low-cost mailers & email newsletters

Build loyalty with your business customers

News Release Benchmark of 30% Sales  Click HERE to learn how we increased Industrial Sales by 30% in just 120 days.

See examples of Business-to-Business successes below...

How to Launch a new Product to a new group of Prospects
Wajax needed to launch a new Kawasaki Wheel Loader Division. Problem was, it was a new type of product, to a new audience who didn't know how terrific Wajax was. Read how we created a unique program for Wajax  that launched a total
Wajax Industrial B2B Case Study introduction of both the company and the product - with spectacular sales results. Click HERE to Read more...>>

Cloverdale Paint

How to find Prospects for your Industrial Product
Cloverdale Industrial Paint Division wanted to increase their sales of expensive industrial paints. They had vast expertise with paint coatings, and were true experts at specifying the best paint coating solutions. Problem was, they were perceived as the retail paint store, not as Industrial Paint professionals. Target audience was Industrial, Oil Patch, Aviation and Municipal Governments. Read
Cloverdale Paint B2Bhow Cloverdale found new customers and substantially grew their sales. Read more...>>  
DHL launches Worldwide Courier Service to Industrial & Commercial Shippers
With FedEx as a fierce competitor, DHL knew they had to do something spectacular and long-term to fight FedEx on International Air Courier Services. DHL launched an unusual campaign offering
DHL Express Courier B2B Case Study prospects monthly incentives and free trials along with some nifty personal incentives.  Read more...>>  


KMS Tools Achieves 30% Gain in Sales using Secret Success Formula
KMS Tools is an Industrial Tool seller, the largest seller of Makita brand tools
 in BC. Using a Secret Success Formula unique to us, we were able to get KMS spectacular sales results. Secret Success Formula - Case Study

How a company selling warehouse shipping supplies increases business by double in just 90 days
Selling Packaging Tape and Stretch Wrap might not sound too exciting. Vancouver Firm tries a new type of Marketing direct-to-businesses, discovers they can double their sales, double their number of
Packing Cartons B2B White Papercustomers, yet still make full profits. Now that's exciting!  Read more...>>  

Telephone Service for businesses achieves record results using unique offer
How to explain a complicated offer to business & industrial customers? How to turn a "no" into a "yes"? Read how BC Tel, now Telus, received over a 20% response to an offer that had
Telephone B2B White Paperperformed poorly in the past using conventional advertising. How did our Direct Marketing do it?   Read more...>>  

How Air Cargo Carrier becomes "Star" of Airline due to increased sales from our Direct Marketing
Parent Airline ignores Air Cargo division, so Air Cargo carrier launches campaign using our Direct Marketing to aggressively find new customers and expand its market. Just 6 months later, Cargo division has grown sales to now become the "Star" Division of company and praised due to sales volume and profit
Air Cargo B2B White Paper increases. Quite a turnaround.  Read more...>>  

How a Industrial Seller of Business Services grew their business by 30% in 30 days.
How to create a demand for your specific service, even though you have many competitors - all with basically the same service. Read how Overland Freight Lines grew their truck freight shipping and
Truck Freight B2B White Paper courier business, so much that the response "shocked them".  Read more...>>  

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What about Email Marketing?
Email Marketing has the advantage of low-cost distribution but the disadvantage of higher-cost emailing lists. We suggest targeted mailings rather than mass mailings.

We often recommend a multi-pronged approach, using both Direct Postal Mail methods, addressed & un-addressed. PLUS targeted Email Marketing. This gives you a better, faster and cheaper approach than focusing on just one method. Also, we usually recommend a comprehensive Internet and Social Media campaign. Each business is different.

Mailing Lists for Emailing and Post Office delivery

Mentor Marketing has some of the best Email Lists in Western Canada, and we can get other good lists through our industry contacts. Postal Lists are available through multiple sources, and we usually recommend buying quality lists rather than lower-cost low-quality postal lists. That's because some of the bad list suppliers are simply copying the phone book or yellow pages, resulting in low quality lists and very high undeliverable rates. A quality list will have far lower undeliverable names and reach many more targeted buyers. Good lists for email & postal often provide the most cost-effective solution.

Access to the best mailing lists: We produced the Loyalty Program for a major Airline, and this gave us access to the very best Credit Card lists, as well as insider information on Marketing Successes.


B2C Case Studies:

Telecom B2C Case Study CP Air Asian theme B2C Case Study Security Systems Case StucyReal Estate Case Study
Lens&Shutter B2C Case Study Canadian Airlines B2C Case Study How to Increase Sales for B2C - Case StudiesSecret Success Formula - Case Study

B2B Case Studies:

Wajax Industrial B2B Case Study Cloverdale Paint B2B DHL Courier B2B Case Study Shipping Supplies B2B Case Study Telecom B2B Case Study CP Air Cargo B2B Case Study Truck Freight B2B Case Study Loyalty Program Case Study Secret Success Formula - Case Study

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