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How to use Direct Marketing to increase sales to Consumers

B2C Marketing - Increase your Sales Quickly using Internet Marketing and Direct Mail - it's proven and cost-effective.

Use Direct Marketing to create more consumer sales from new prospects and existing customers. Direct Mail works!  Most Retail Stores and Chain Stores will benefit immediately from Direct Marketing and Direct Mail Flyers. It is a proven method.

Our Retail Clients have proven the success of Direct Mail
Retail clients like Birks Jewelers, Esso, Sears, Lens&Shutter Cameras, Nissan Automobile, OK Tire Stores, BC  Hydro, Cablevision, RE/MAX, BC Tel now known as Telus, Jordan's Carpets, Cloverdale Paints, Uniglobe Travel, RE/MAX Real Estate ...

Clients typically report a 30% gain in sales from our Direct Mail Flyer campaigns.
The Return-on-Investment ROI for Direct Marketing is very positive.
Many clients have done over 100 flyer campaigns with us - because it works every time
Unique campaigns sent to your customers or neighborhoods.
Frequent User & Loyalty Programs too!

See these B-to-C CASE STUDIES of successful Direct Mail Marketing drawn from our 20-plus years as Direct Marketing specialists.

BC Telephone, now Telus Homematix Security Systems Lens & Shutter Cameras Canadian Airlines

 See how BC Tel, now Telus used a Direct Mail campaign to sell Telephone Services. Click below

How did Homematix Security Systems use a Direct Mail Campaign to generate Sales Leads for their field Sales Force? Click below

See how Lens & Shutter Cameras used a Direct Mail Campaign  to increase sales. Click below


In this Case Study learn how Canadian Airlines used Direct Marketing to encourage International Travel. Click below

Telecom - Consumer B2C White Paper Security Systems B2C White Paper Lens & Shutter Consumer B2C White Paper CP Air Orient Theme B2C White Paper
 Real Estate Developer  UN Delegate for Global Warming Major Financial Institution Canadian Airlines Loyalty Program

How did a Real Estate Developer unload a Condo Development - selling all 35 Condos in 10 weeks at a cost of only $20,000? Click below  

How did our Marketing help a UN Delegate overcome staggering opposition and succeed? Click below  

How did a major financial institution use Direct Mail to increase their sales? Click below   


See Canadian Airlines International Loyalty Program.  Click below  

Real Estate Marketing Ideas - B2C and B2B White Paper United Nations White Paper Letter Pop-Up Ideas White Paper

What about Email Marketing? Email Marketing has the advantage of low-cost distribution but the disadvantage of higher-cost emailing lists. We suggest targeted mailings rather than mass mailings.

We often recommend Mentor Marketing can increase your Retail Salesa 3-pronged approach, using BOTH Direct Postal Mail methods (addressed & un-addressed) PLUS targeted Email Marketing. This gives you a better, faster and cheaper approach than focusing on just one method.

Mailing Lists for Emailing and Post Office delivery
Mentor Marketing has some of the best Email Lists in Western Canada, and we can get other good lists through our industry contacts. Postal Lists are available through multiple sources, and we usually recommend buying quality lists rather than lower-cost low-quality postal lists. That's because some of the bad list suppliers are simply copying the phone book or yellow pages, resulting in low quality lists and very high undeliverable rates. A high- quality list will have far lower undeliverable names and reach many more targeted buyers. Choosing good lists for email & postal will often provide the most cost-effective solution.

Access to the best mailing lists: We produced the Loyalty Program for a major Airline, and this gave us access to the very best Credit Card lists, as well as insider information on Marketing Successes.


B2C Case Studies:

Telecom B2C Case Study CP Air Asian theme B2C Case Study Security Systems Case StucyReal Estate Case Study
Lens&Shutter B2C Case Study Canadian Airlines B2C Case Study How to Increase Sales for B2C - Case Studies Secret Success Formula - Case Study

B2B Case Studies:

Wajax Industrial B2B Case Study Cloverdale Paint B2B DHL Courier B2B Case Study Shipping Supplies B2B Case Study Telecom B2B Case Study CP Air Cargo B2B Case Study Truck Freight B2B Case Study Loyalty Program Case Study

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