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Case Study #71: How to use Direct Mail to sell Industrial Paint Products, B-to-B Business-to-Business 

Client: Cloverdale Paint - Industrial Paint Division, Surrey, BC  Canada

Cloverdale Paint


This Case Study shows the power of Direct Mail to:

create a prospect list 
find new customers 
increase sales

Cloverdale Paint - Industrial Paint Division was a major supplier to industry of specialized paints for Aviation, Bridges and Industrial Specialty uses. This division of Cloverdale is selling to businesses, not consumers. These specialized paints are very expensive - often $200/gallon. Cloverdale had built a solid reputation for giving knowledgeable advice and solving customer's problems. For most industrial users, the real cost of painting is the cost of labor, and the downtime for the equipment being painted. When properly advised, the customers come to realize that longer-lasting high-quality paint offers the best value.

Cloverdale Paint was the largest seller of these specialized industrial paints, and wanted to increase their market share and volume.

We created a 3-Part Direct Mail campaign that would encourage response in the retail stores, but especially in the Industrial Paint division field salespeople. Each of the 3 mailings had a different message. 

Direct Mail Boosted Sales Results
from both existing customers and new customers. It was very successful. Cloverdale also
received many sales leads for specialized follow-up.

Cloverdale Industrial Paint received tremendous Sales Results
Industrial Paint is available from multiple suppliers. This campaign resulted in substantially increased sales for Cloverdale Industrial Paint. This campaign is a typical Business-to-Business campaign. In the field of Industrial Supplies, using Direct Mail you can expect a return on your investment that other companies envy. Important to Cloverdale Industrial Paint division was the creation of new accounts, because these new accounts could be expected to become customers of Cloverdale Industrial Paint forever. Industrial Paint isn't the $20-a-gallon kind - it's often over $200 a gallon. Sales can also be huge - such as when a large bridge is painted.

What kind of Sales Results can you expect?
Using Direct Mail, most companies experience Sales Results that are instantly profitable. Really. Your return on investment will typically be about 10 times - for each dollar you spend, you will get back 10 times that in Gross Sales. Because the new sales from new customers do not increase your overhead - that's really good. 

Direct Mail can sell both Products and Services to Businesses
This Direct Mail Marketing method would work for most companies who sell Products to businesses: Office Furniture, Coffee Services, Stationary, Copier Sales, Computer Sales, Paper Products, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, and most Business-to-Business sellers. Similarly, Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to businesses, including Telecom, Machinery Repair Services, High Tech Computer Service and Delivery/Cargo Services and others. Whether you sell a product or a service, from Business-to-Business, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well.

See the Actual Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns for Cloverdale Industrial Paint 
We put together a colorful campaign, focused specifically on the prospects who needed a special paint coating solution. 


Multiple Mailings were sent to each prospect
Each Cloverdale Paint direct mail campaign had a specific message, which emphasized their Industrial Paint expertise and experience. 

What we're not revealing on this webpage
The secret to good Direct Mail is participation by the viewer, what we call the "Play Value". We've deliberately avoided showing the world how exactly we did it on this website. However, we'd love to show you this in person, face to face. For this and most examples on this website, we have printed samples of the exact campaign that we can show you. We'll show you the actual mailer itself, then show you what we've learned since and would do differently today.


Isn't a Mailing List needed?
No - we created this campaign to work successfully without the need for this client to have their own list. We found them a targeted list of Manufacturers, Industrial Users and Government Maintenance names, matching the specific  needs of this client. Best Practices Marketing will find you good lists of prospects, specific to your industry or business. Many of the best lists are only available to us in the Direct Mail industry. This is one area where Best Practices Marketing's expertise and experience make a big difference - as many of the "popular" lists are actually the worst lists. We also can arrange to borrow lists from our other customers, sometimes swapping names. Leave the list choices up to Best Practices Marketing.

Blanket-Mailing to Businesses
As well, Industrial areas can be blanket-mailed. For example, Vancouver City has 32,923 businesses while the whole Metro Vancouver area contains 78,119 businesses.


What's the average cost for a Direct Marketing Campaign?
We'd suggest that you start with a minimum budget of $5000 to $10,000 to effectively test a Direct Marketing program. Then, after a few successful campaigns, you can increase the scope of your Direct Marketing. It really can pay for itself. It is our objective to find a campaign that is successful for you.


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