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How did a retail store selling Cameras grow its business using Direct Marketing?

This Case Study shows the power of Direct Mail and Mail Order to sell Retail Products to a Specialty Market like high-end Cameras.


Large Xmas Catalog:  



Very Successful:  It worked very well. 

Direct Mail can sell both Services and Products  to Consumers
Direct Mail Marketing works well for most companies who sell Products to consumers. such as Furniture, Cars, Paint, Carpet, and most other Business-to-Consumer sellers. Also, Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to consumers, including Telecom, Water Services, Automotive Repair
Services and Delivery/Cargo Services. Whether you sell a service or a product to a consumer, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well.

Isn't a list needed?
Yes, this mailer was sent to a list of qualified prospects. We can develop a good mailing list for you. Also, a campaign like this can usually work successfully without the need for a mailing list. Often, a combination of both is best.

What's the cost for a Direct Marketing Campaign?
We'd suggest that you start with a minimum budget of $5000 to $10,000 to effectively test a Direct Marketing program. After a few successful campaigns, you can increase the scope of your Direct Marketing. Direct Mail Marketing can actually build a small business into a much larger one - fast.


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