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How did a Real Estate project sell spectacularly due to Direct Marketing?


Direct Mail ideas have been tested and proven to be successful at selling Real Estate.

Give Your Sales a BOOST with Direct Mail Ideas.
Is your business taking advantage of the latest advances in Direct Mail Marketing? How to increase your Real Estate sales and maximize your opportunities.

Use Direct Mail to Find Buyers
Direct Mail can find you new customers and communicate effectively with your existing customers. Target Marketing simply works. E-Marketing works cheaply and fast. See specific Direct Mail campaign examples, and a testimonial from an actual client.

Real Estate Selling Solutions

Direct Mail can sell Condos, Townhouses &  Single Family homes
Direct Mail campaigns can target directly at your chosen audience with minimum waste. Best of all, the results are immediate, measurable and repeatable. We’re the only company that does our particular type of Direct Mail programs. Best of all, you’ll know the results within a week - and because we have an 85% success rate - you’ll probably be smiling within a week. Our programs are repeatable: if it works once, it will usually work again and again. If you have a large project, or multiple phases of a project, this is particularly important.

Direct Mail can Lease Office Space
Direct Mail can target directly at the appropriate business sectors to boost your leasing or sales of Office Space. We use a unique method that is simply overlooked by the market - but it works every time.

Direct Mail can explain unique Real Estate opportunities
Direct Mail can explain your concept in great detail, with enough space to supply ample information and convince skeptics.



With a budget of under $20,000 they sold 37 Condos, at full price, in just 10 weeks.

Condominium Sales:

Is this project a Dog?, YES!

The owner of this project was a national real estate company. They’d tried all the conventional advertising - classified ads, display ads in the big papers, even local newspapers - and only managed to sell two units in two years. With 35 units remaining, they realized they had a big problem.

They called us in, and we checked out the project to see if we could find any problems. We sure did. We managed to be enthusiastic about this development, even though it had some serious obstacles.

First, it was a super-modern angular building, but it was crammed into a conservative Kitsilano neighborhood of older single-family homes. Second, it had recently been carpeted with a loud, bright bavarian (?) carpet everywhere - entryway, halls, and all suites. Nice carpet, but not appropriate for this project's target market of young singles and couples. Because the target audience was young people, we convinced the builder to install simple, neutral carpets in the entryway and hallways.

Then we set to work designing a Direct Mail campaign, and selected a likely target audience. They only allowed us a $10,000 budget, yet we were able to use a Direct Mail technique that we’d proven successful on other real estate projects.

In 5 weeks, they sold 17 of the 35 suites, and they were overjoyed! They asked us to repeat it again, so we used Direct Mail again, to a different target group. It worked - in another 5 weeks they’d sold out - 35 units plus 2 re-sales. 

In conclusion - for a budget of under $20,000 they sold 37 Condos, at full price, in just 10 weeks. And yes, the new owners all asked for carpet replacement in their suites - every single suite.

If we can sell this project, we can sell anything. Perhaps you have some Condo’s or another type of project that you’d like to sell.  Give us a call at 778-435-2120 - ask for Doug White.


Leasing Office Space:

How do you lease the last low-rise office building built in Winnipeg - just as the zoning changed to allow high-rises?

The rage in Winnipeg was the new high-rises and their spectacular views - but our client, 260 St Mary’s, was a low-rise with no views at all. Plus, it was a quality, expensive building, so they couldn’t sell on the basis of a lower price - they had sunk in money expecting a higher price, but had not expected to have to compete with the new-fangled high-rises. One choice was to lower the price enough to get the buyers to consider this "lowly" project - but that would have necessitated losing at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.  They probably couldn't have sold it outright at a good price, as all the local Realtors were excited about the new high-rises. It seemed better to test a new angle - and we chose a way (a proprietary way - meaning it is unique to us and actually a trade secret now) to get the business owners to prefer low-rise space.

The key word is prefer. It's a way of "positioning" your product in a way that can bring the buyer and seller together with a beneficial representation of their offer. So we found a way to have the business owners want to have low-rise space. And that was the key. These business owners also often deal direct, without the aid of their Realtor. Once a Business Owner wanted low-rise space, they would find that 260 St Mary's was the nicest, newest low-rise space. Once they'd seen 260 St Mary's for the truly fine new office space it was, they'd be unlikely to be swayed by further research into high-rise office space. It's a shame I can't divulge the little secret trick we used, but let me say, you would never have expected such an unlikely headline copy. It started out with "We have the lousiest view in Winnipeg, BUT ..." (Insert our secret trick here).

Sometimes a client has a product or service that is near-impossible to sell

This was one of those awful times. They had masked their desperation nicely, but they were probably going to take a half-million dollar loss, tomorrow, unless it worked positively. Our job was to find the positive, from amongst the giant negative. Because they had a city-block-size building, they didn't really have all that much space to lease on the two low-rise floors. And so, we could satisfy ourselves if we found perhaps 6 to 20 business prospects, who would buy the proposition that 260 St Mary's made sense. To think of this rationally, you must dispel the notion that we had to convince the entire population of Winnipeg that low-rise space is preferable to high-rise space. We didn't - just 6 to 20 of them.

Once the client gave the go-ahead, we put our team of Designers, Artists, Photographers and Copywriters to work. These folks are the real reason why we succeed for our clients. They write truly inspired copy, and carry out some unique design ideas. Then we used a tested Direct Mail method that we’d tried successfully with other projects.  We designed a simple but effective Direct Mail campaign, with a cost of under $15,000. Yes - they managed to successfully lease it out. 

Perhaps you have some Office space that you’d like to lease out - give Best Practices Marketing a call. Ask for Doug White at 778-435-2120

Client Testimonial - RE/MAX Real Estate

David Andrews, owner of Re/MAX Real Estate Services, has won the coveted Re/MAX International Broker of the Year Award. David has used us for Direct Mail since the early 1980's, and he uses us today. David’s own words say it best:
Doug White made me Millions but charged me only Thousands. Doug’s Marketing, if followed, can transform your business. Give him free rein and hang on. I asked Doug to help me with a Direct Marketing Campaign, which he did, and in the process he taught me so much about it I have never looked back. He made the process simple and always recommended the best people and suppliers unselfishly. As a Realtor, he helped me take my sales from 25 a year to 70+ a year. As a Real Estate Office Owner he helped me build a 75 person office from zero. The office is the top producing office in Vancouver, Canada, and has earned me Re/MAX International’s Broker/Owner of the year out of thousands of offices. Call me at 619-518-8598 or email me at if I can be helpful with any more information about him."

David Andrews, Re/MAX Real Estate Services

Could a Direct Mail Campaign help your business? Perhaps . . .
Your business can probably benefit from the same tested concepts that we’ve tested and proven with other companies selling Real Estate. These campaigns are suitable for all types of business, not just the largest. We’ve had good success selling all types of Real Estate: Condos, Townhouses, Single Family, and leasing Office Space. And the campaigns are FAST in producing results  - you can probably pay for our campaigns with the Interest that you will save on your financing.

Contact us:

Phone:   778-435-2120 - Ask for Doug White



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