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Learn some of the biggest secrets in Marketing

I finally convinced this Empire-Builder to reveal his Biggest Secrets

In every industry, there’s a powerbroker in the background – an  expert advisor who is known to just a few people, but who helps build sales increases for the top leaders who are household names. I recently discovered such an expert who is overflowing with great ideas - Doug White.

For the last 35 years he's been quietly creating empire-building direct marketing campaigns and strategies for many of the biggest companies - Esso, Nissan, Birk’s Jewelers, Re/MAX Real Estate, BC Tel/Telus, Airlines, BC Hydro, OK Tire, Wajax, and 1500 others … All of these high profile clients have exciting success stories done by Doug for his two  marketing businesses.

In fact, they've paid Doug a fortune to create massive sales for their businesses – These clients have spent over $100 Million with Doug, and have reaped Billions in sales increases. That’s Billions! One client alone has credited Doug with increasing their sales by $2.25 Billion.

But Doug has never revealed his system for creating mega-sales ... until now. By special arrangement, I've convinced Doug to reveal his step-by-step strategies via a unique and unprecedented Seminar Program that is unlike anything I've seen – in Direct Marketing - on the Internet – or off the Internet -- ever.

Doug will reveal Secrets, Tips, Tricks and Techniques like these:

Learn how to apply London Drugs Secret Success Formula to your business. This tested program has catapulted London Drugs to the top of its field, and how you can use it to grow your business into a Marketing Powerhouse. (London Drugs does not authorize nor condone our exposure of their own secret system to other companies.) If your competition ever discovers this system before you, you are burnt toast!
How to increase your sales by a minimum of 30%, using some new angles on vintage ideas. This idea will explode your sales like never before, usually within 30 to 90 days.
How to become the Leading Authority in your chosen market – regardless of your actual skills, money or the market you serve.
How to develop the right products within your area of expertise – then continually create more expensive products to sell at higher prices.
How to find out what prospective buyers already want to buy – and how to quickly start selling what your buyers are willing & eager to buy.
How to gain a new perspective on your existing business. Then how to expand your business in two unique and unexpected directions.
How to develop new Products & Services. How to find new customers and prospects for your existing Product Lines.
Doug’s 101 point marketing systems – including how to use each one of them to create a flood of new buyers and industry recognition.
Learn Secret Formulas developed by legendary DM industry giants such as Freeman Gosden and Ray Jutkins, Doug's mentors for over 10 years. Learn what really goes on behind closed doors.
Plus much more!

Doug even includes a step-by-step marketing task list – so you'll know what to do every day to build your own business.

Learn how these amazing Direct Marketing Campaigns increased sales for these top BC Companies:

bulletHow did Doug grow Esso Service Stations sales by 46% - in just 7 days? This sales increase was so unexpected that Esso’s Regional Office refused to believe it was possible. The second campaign for Esso gained them a 45% sales increase. Then Esso’s Canadian Head Office found out, and refused to believe it either, until Doug did a third campaign – to ALL Esso Stores in BC – and increased sales by 46%. Esso was finally convinced.
bulletHow did Birks Jewelers achieve their first Million Dollar Saturday? This campaign broke every record that Birks had for sales in BC. Best one-day sales, Best weekend sales, Best chain-wide sales. The record sales even crashed their brand-new cash registers. Within Birks, this sale is legendary. How did Doug do it? Ah, for that you’ll need to attend the Seminar being held in January, 2012. (OK, Doug will share one part of this secret with you – he did it without lowering even a single price.)
bulletHow did Canada’s largest Consumer Electronics Chain get a 30% sales increase each year using Doug’s techniques? How did they repeat this 30% sales increase each year for three successive years? How their profit margin actually went UP!
bulletHow did Wajax Industrial Equipment sell out of a year’s quota of specialized industrial machinery – in just weeks!
bulletHow did a Real Estate company unload a "dog" in just 10 weeks, when it had remained unsold for 18 months? They sold 35 condo units at a total cost of under $20,000 – about what it was costing them each month in Bank Interest.
bulletHow did BC Tel / now Telus, get record-breaking sales of a tired old product, by selling to over 26% of their customers? Then Doug repeated it to both Business Customers and Consumers. The client was so happy – they entered this campaign into a contest at the prestigious DMA in New York, where they publicly revealed the 26% sales response.
bulletHow did 1500 clients use 7000 of Doug’s programs over 35 years, and did it all without the public or the clients' competition finding out? (Doug prefers to operate quietly, and not take the credit or fame for his programs.)
bulletHow did Canadian Airlines grow their mailing list from Zero to over 1,500,000 qualified names?
bulletHow did a Courier & Trucking Company increase their Sales by 30%, and did a campaign every year with similar great results? (The retired owner has now authorized Doug to reveal this amazing story.)

How can you benefit from these amazing success stories? Doug will show you how, specifically, these tricks & techniques can rocket you to success in your business.

You can read more about these amazing marketing programs. But don't just take my word for it. Doug will be appearing, in person, revealing all his best secrets to an audience of interested business owners. Doug will be sharing lots of fresh ideas, alongside some vintage ideas that others have overlooked. You will not be disappointed, because Doug will show you the exact campaigns, and the exact techniques he used to increase sales. No theories, just hard-hitting facts, real clients, real campaigns and most of all – real results. Plus, you’ll also get a workbook binder loaded with pages of suppliers, conacts and resources. You’ll leave with ideas, ready to quickly implement in your business. This is a must-attend event. If you’re serious about increasing the sales in your business, this is the one event to attend in 2012. You'll get plenty of time to ask your own specific questions - Doug has been convinced to reveal the real "insider secrets".

Real Estate Guru David Andrews says,

"Doug’s Marketing, if followed, can transform your business. Give him free rein and hang on. I asked Doug to help me with a Direct Marketing Campaign, which he did, and in the process he taught me so much about it I have never looked back. He made the process simple and always recommended the best people and suppliers unselfishly. As a Realtor, he helped me take my sales from 25 a year to 70+ a year. As a Real Estate Office Owner he helped me build a 75 person office from zero. The office is the top producing office in Vancouver, Canada, and has earned me RE/MAX International’s Broker/Owner of the year out of thousands of offices. Doug White made me Millions but charged me only Thousands." -- David Andrews, RE/MAX Real Estate Services

I hope you'll join me in studying every word Doug has to say about how you can build your sales using simple and cost-effective Marketing Tricks & Techniques. In fact, according to Doug if you aren’t going to attend and use his techniques, you’d better hope that your main competitor doesn’t attend this Powerhouse Direct Marketing Seminar.

But don’t count on that. Start marketing your way to radically increased sales and better profit margins  than ever before. The Seminar is priced at $1247, and includes the Workbook, Binder, Task-Sheet and more. For early sign-ups, the cost is only $697, but only if you sign up by month end. After that date, you’ll pay more.

Space is limited, and these seminars have sold out in the past. In the first hour after this Seminar was announced, 25% of the tickets were already sold to eager attendees. Don’t delay –  the cost will rise, and you’ll miss out on 2 important extras that Doug is giving to the first 100 sign-ups.

Extra Bonus: Last year's Powerhouse DM Seminar was an outstanding success - you get the set of 4 DVD's, FREE,  as well, but only until month end. The 4 DVD's are regularly $495, there is much good information, techniques, ideas and more. This includes the explanation of the powerful London Drugs Secret Success Formula, AND the secret to mailing to Business Executives.

Extra Bonus #2: Listen to the Audio CD of a campaign that sold $35,000,000 in Services. It is outrageous and very usable for your business. 

Phone now to reserve your seat at the free preview seminar - 778-435-2120.

PS: Need more proof? Then have a good look at these links, which show you the actual campaigns that have worked for other BC companies. Plus more testimonials, more information, more concrete results that others are getting - and you are missing…

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See how Doug White helped the United Nations with the Kyoto Agreement, and ultimately Doug White was asked to fly to Geneva to table the Kyoto Agreement, click
See some of the Major Awards won by AVI/DMG, including Marketer-of-the-Year, click


This is not a seminar you want to miss. 

More testimonials from recent attendees to Doug’s seminars:

"I'd like to thank you for an excellent presentation today. The group was eating up everything you said. I'm sur

"I was blown away by your presentation today and wanted to

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Direct Marketing Seminars

Learn the latest ideas from industry experts. Sign up today for FREE 90-minute previews to these value-packed Seminars. 

Best Practices Marketing conducts regular free Direct Marketing Preview Seminars on three fundamental areas of Direct Marketing:  B-to-B, B-to-C and Loyalty Programs. After attending the FREE Preview, we hope you'll enjoy the content enough to attend our Powerhouse Full-day Seminars.

1) Business-to-Business Direct Marketing Seminar: (90 minute & Full-day versions)

If you sell to businesses, there are specialized methods to find new customers and sell more to old customers.

Quote from a recent Seminar attendee: "I'd like to thank you for an excellent presentation today. The group was eating up everything you said. I'm sure we could do an encore."

"I learned so much from the Seminar that my marketing will never be the same again."

This Seminar will teach you the fundamental thinking strategy needed for success.
It will show you specifically how other BC Businesses are using Direct Marketing for successful B-to-B marketing, making sales and repeating successfully.
You'll leave with plenty of ideas that you can use immediately. 
You'll learn how to generate qualified Sales Leads. 
We will reveal B-to-B Case Studies from Canadian Airlines Air Cargo, Wajax Industries, BC Tel - now Telus, Overland Freight Lines, Cloverdale Industrial Paint Division, Nissan Automobile Wholesale, AKAI Audio/Visual Wholesale and Software Companies. These real-world examples contain ideas & results from campaigns never before revealed. 
BCIT graduates and students may want to learn some of these alternate DM strategies - quite different from what is taught at school. Many are unexpected or contrary. You'll benefit from learning gained from $130 Million spent on testing what works - and what failed.
These tightly-held secret techniques utilize unexpected approaches for marketing to specific markets which, when tested, produced surprisingly high response rates. 
We'll also give you ideas on how to build your own mailing lists. How to avoid common pitfalls with lists.

This course is available as a FREE Preview 90-minute Mini-Seminar, or a FULL DAY BootCamp. 

Preview seminars will be held at these locations and dates: These are 90-minute mini-versions, packed with great ideas, tricks, tips and secrets.

2) Business-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Seminar: (90-minute & Full-day)

If you sell to consumers, there are specialized methods to find new customers and sell more to old customers.

A testimonial from a recent Seminar attendee: "I was blown away by your presentation today and wanted to thank you for your generous sharing of your work - and results which far too often are never unveiled - unless you are given a back stage pass to a particular seminar or business!"

"I attended your free Preview Seminar, and took away some ideas I was able to use immediately in my business. My Clients were delighted because the campaign worked really well. I've now signed up for your full-day Powerhouse Seminar."

This Seminar will teach you the fundamental thinking strategy needed for success.
It will show you specifically how other BC Retail Businesses are using B-to-C Direct Marketing successfully. 
You'll leave this seminar with ideas and strategies that you can start to use immediately. 
We'll share real world B-to-C Case Studies from Lens&Shutter Cameras, Birks Jewelers, Esso, BC Hydro, OK Tire Stores, Royal Bank, VISA, Bell Canada, RE/MAX, Kelly's Stereo Marts and Sears. Most of these have been closely guarded and the techniques and are now revealed.
How to generate Sales Leads.
We'll also share our experience with incentives like Contests and Free Draws. 
Our seminar leader, Doug White, formerly ran the Marketing for Canada's largest Consumer Electronics Chain, and has insights into the real results that can be obtained by powerful Direct Mail Programs.

This course is available as a FREE Preview 90-minute Mini-Seminar, or a FULL DAY BootCamp. 

Preview seminars: These are 90-minute mini-versions, packed with great ideas, tricks, tips and secrets.

3) Loyalty Programs Seminar:  (90-minute & Full-day versions)

How to make your customers want to be loyal to your company.

Whether you sell B-to-B or B-to-C, there are plenty of reasons why a Loyalty Program makes sense for some types of businesses. This Seminar is focused entirely on creating a successful Loyalty Program
Outlines the background to evaluate whether a Loyalty Program is suitable for your business, and pitfalls to avoid. 
This Seminar covers the basic strategies and thinking discipline needed to have a successful Loyalty Program. 
This Seminar will discuss in detail the Canadian Airlines "Plus" Loyalty Program, which brought Canadian Airlines about 2.25 Billion Dollars in sales - and 1,500,000 loyal customers. We have complete "insider" knowledge, since we conducted all the Direct Marketing for this Loyalty Program for 10 years. We'll share the good, the bad and the ugly. 
We have been a pioneer in inventing the Frequent Flyer structure, having won our DMA award along with PanAm's launch of their WorldPass ONE, the first frequent flyer program.

This course is available as a FREE Preview 90-minute Mini-Seminar, or a FULL DAY BootCamp 

Preview seminars will be held at these locations and dates: These are 90-minute mini-versions, packed with great ideas, tricks, tips and secrets.

We've charged $1400 or more for these seminars, so the value is great. 

This FREE SEMINAR Preview Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Free Seminars are usually 90 to 120-minutes in length, and are filled with valuable information.

The Full Day DM BootCamps are 8 hours packed full of information, plus they include ample take-away materials, Workbook & Binder and Marketing 101 Planning Schedule.
Email to:   Telephone: 778-435-2120


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