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How does London Drugs out-sell all other Drug Stores in North America?

London Drugs ranks at top in Drug Stores Sales
London Drugs is a large Vancouver-based Drug Chain with 80 stores. At the Annual Association Convention for Drug Stores, London Drugs ranks highest in sales-per-square-foot, by quite a large margin over the best US-based Drug & Non-Food Stores. In fact, the best US Drug companies, similar to Longs Drugs, barely manage $200 per square foot, while London Drugs achieves $400 per square foot. This is public information, revealed at the Annual Drug & Non-Foods Convention.

It is quite an honor for London Drugs to
outsell the big US Drug Store Chains
Apparently, London Drugs wins regularly, and while the big US competitors have studied London Drugs extensively, they have not been able to match even half of what London Drugs sells. It's not a freak occurrence, London Drugs simply dominates the sales charts.

So How did London Drugs do it?
London Drugs owed us a favor. We were told this specific technique by a former Executive at London Drugs. He explained it to us very simply and concisely. And he even gave us permission to re-tell the story. He said "This idea is working gang-busters right now, but like all ideas we'll probably have a better idea that we're using in 6 months." But London Drugs never did find a better idea, and uses it today in every store. Our Company then took this idea and built it into a $100 Million Dollar Marketing Success.

What exactly is the London Drugs Secret Success Formula?
It is not one change, it is the combination of six specific changes that is the magic. Each of the six changes is "against the grain", or uncommon in retailing. Each of the six changes could be examined individually and found to be lacking. Where the "secret" comes in is when all six are used together. This is why it has remained undiscovered by others for so long. In fact, one Coquitlam retailer tried implementing five-of-the-six changes because he didn't like the sixth change. The 5 changes had failed to increase his sales, and he called us in to complain - when we found out that he'd deliberately ignored the sixth change, it was easy to fix. Within 30 days of implementing the seemingly unimportant 6th change, his sales had rocketed up more than 30%.

The Secret Success Formula, first used by London Drugs, was modified for use in other Retail Stores
After Consumer Electronics at Canada's Largest Consumer Electronics seller, we modified the idea for Nissan Automobile for their Nissan Dealers. In a cross-Canada campaign for all Nissan Dealers, they achieved record sales. One Nissan dealer in Saskatchewan objected to the offering of Nissan's expensive Z-car in his mailer. Apparently, he had never sold a Z-car, didn't have a demo Z-car in his showroom, and never expected to ever sell a Z-car in Saskatchewan. We had to keep the Z-car in his mailers, and he was amazed when he sold two Z-cars that weekend, using only the brochure for the Z-car. Needless to say, he was impressed by the power of our Direct Marketing.

Later, Canada's Largest Chain of Paint Stores got the same mammoth sales results - our benchmark goal soon became the 30% growth we'd attained elsewhere. For one Grand Opening of a Paint Store in Surrey, we got 14% of the population of Surrey to attend that weekend. That's an amazing result - 14%!!! Located next to London Drugs and across from the Surrey Centre Mall, the RCMP told the Paint Store manager he'd have to close the store because of the crazy traffic jams that were caused once the London Drugs and Surrey Centre Mall parking lots became filled with Paint Store customers. This type of store-opening performance is what every retailer and store manager dreams of. Not the RCMP part of course, but the wildly successful part.

Birk Jewelers achieves their first Million Dollar Saturday
Then for Birks Jewelers we achieved their first-ever Million Dollar Saturday. They were so busy with sales that their brand new NCR Cash Registers couldn't keep up - 3 of 5 had "jammed" because they were so full of cash. Our Direct Marketing Program broke every record that Birks tracks. Best single day sales, best weekend sales, best BC sales, best single store saturday sales - these records stand even today. You'd expect that we'd have lowered some prices - in fact we maintained their profit margin and did not lower prices on any items. That's the power of this technique.

Performance Boost of 25% at Canadian Airlines

Secret Success Formula
Then we started to keep this idea secret and share it only with our best customers. By this time,  the Secret Success Formula no longer resembled the original London Drugs formula, but we still call this program the London Drugs Secret Success Formula in homage to the brilliant marketer who invented or discovered this Formula for the first time. To clarify - London Drugs does not authorize or approve this "Secret Success Formula" - it's where the idea came from. Note the London Drugs Logo - and the trademarked words beneath - "Nobody does it better".

BC Tel, now known as Telus, revealed a 22 to 26% response rate from our Direct Marketing Campaigns
In order to enter the Annual Marketing Awards in New York, the BC Tel received permission from their California owners to reveal the results of Postal Direct Mail campaigns. While the ordinary response rate for Direct Mail is around 2%, BC Tel revealed that they had received results over 20%, one campaign brought in 26%.

Esso experiences 46% Sales gain in three separate tests
When our program was launched for Esso Service Stations, they achieved 46%, then 45% then 46% Sales Growth with three successive campaigns. They had ordinarily received 1% to 7% Sales Increases from conventional advertising, so 46% was off-the-charts wonderful. At first, the Esso Head Office thought this was a mistake. Then we tested with all 125 BC Esso Stations participating. The amazing results were extensively documented by the analysis folks at Esso, and in Surveys, Esso Dealers said "You guys at Head Office finally found something that really works." 

Benchmark of 30% Sales Increase

The Golden Goose Denial

Most Clients who tried the Secret Success Formula achieved our benchmark of a 30% sales increase
We were getting good at this ... in fact, every client succeeded with this technique. Some did not quite achieve the full 30% growth, but most did grow 30%, or more

Sometimes it works even better...
Sears Automotive, admitted they got 1200 sales of a "test" automotive product - a Car Ramp, when their usual sales response was selling just 57 Car Ramps. That's twenty (20) times better using our methods! Sears sold out, then offered "Rain Checks", then ran out of the Rain Check forms.

Why would a client who'd gotten good results then deny that they had any results at all? It baffled us when this first happened. 

We'd had an Office Products Client, who'd had record sales with every campaign from us. We'd been sending new prospective clients to him for a referral. When none of the prospective clients called us back, we checked to find out why. We discovered that the successful office products company was denying they had good results. When confronted, he said "It's working very well for us. Why should I encourage competition?" 

We call this the Golden Goose Denial because we liken it to when you discover a Golden Goose that lays Golden Eggs for you. (It makes you big money). At first, you want to tell all your neighbors about your wealth-making. Then you go quiet, and keep it a secret. We've all learned from the old Fairy Tale - Don't Kill the Golden Goose. 

We realized we better keep this idea Secret too
Consumer Product by Consumer Product we tested, modified and launched, with amazing successes. And, except for a few chosen Clients, we kept it secret. Why spoil a good thing? BCIT was actively promoting its Marketing Programs at this time, and we made sure that none of these successes were taught or publicized by BCIT or others. Still true today. (BCIT does a fine program, and outputs excellent graduates - they're just not taught these tricks of Marketing.)

Success with Industrial Tools
However, we'd never been able to get those same sales results for business-to-business Industrial

For other B-to-B Clients, we'd previously increased their sales by 10-15-20%, but never quite achieved the usual 30% benchmark goal we'd achieved for Retail. But we kept trying, changing and experimenting...

Our Benchmark Goal of 30% was achieved in Industrial Tools - why this is important to you
For KMS Tools, we developed a strategy similar to the Secret Success Formula, which they incorporated into their marketing. Due to Client Confidentiality, I cannot reveal their results, but I can tell you they did accomplish our benchmark goal of a 30% Sales Increase within a 4-month period. Our exclusive arrangement with KMS Tools has now ended, and we are free to do campaigns for other Tool & Industrial Companies.

We're especially delighted by this, because this crosses over from the original Consumer Retail to now include Industrial Sales. This technique has now worked equally well for Business-to-Business selling as well. Moreover, since Industrial Sales are often much higher gross sales than consumer sales, the profits are enormous.

You might be asking "If this Secret is such a big deal, then why haven't I heard of it before?"
The answer to that is baffling to us too. We've spoken to London Drugs store managers and employees and they're not aware that they're executing "The Plan". However they do admit that they are performing the task as requested by Head Office. Once you learn the London Drugs Secret Success Formula, you'll love your shopping at London Drugs even more. You'll find the Secret to be obvious once you know it. 

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