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How did a Security Company get Leads for their Sales Force using Direct Marketing?

Case Study #40: How to use Direct Mail to get Sales Leads for the field sales force

Client: Homematix Home Security Systems, Coquitlam, BC, Canada.


Homematix Home Security wanted to get sales leads for its door-to-door salespeople. As it became harder to go door-to-door, we suggested that a campaign to attract quality sales leads could fill the need to set up appointments. They had an excellent, well-trained salesforce, and the company was actually a pleasure to buy from. Home Security Systems of this type were "high-end", meaning expensive and complex. Homematix made it simple.


To get sales leads from homeowners or renters. 


We created an irresistible headline: " Burglar Wanted", in a format like a newspaper classified ad section. It read: 


"BURGLAR WANTED. Householder, attractive, seeks burglar, junkie or other social misfit to trash a nice house.  Must be prepared to drink all the booze, steal the jewelry and smash up expensive electronic gear.  Don't send photo - just call when everybody's out."


We also used a number of our creative strategies like: Creative, provocative words, Grabbing Graphics, Relevant Offer, and Ask for the order. The copy was mid-length.

The mailer looked substantial & thick so it implied the company was substantial.

It met the need of being "cheap" in cost, yet looked like the company offering the security was "substantial". (This is horribly overlooked by many mailers, who erroneously opt for the cheapest paper.)

We offered a nice relevant offer to get the attention of the reader
The quality of the lead was irrelevant, as the sales force could always convert anyone they spoke to.  The sales lead gave the salesperson the opportunity to phone the customer to ask if the salesperson should deliver the customer requested item, or mail it?  Then, the salesperson could call a second time and ask "if they'd received the item?".  "Had they read it yet?"  Second request for appointment. Then a third call was usually followed up weeks later to measure interest, or again request an appointment for the salesperson to visit. The "visit" by the Salesperson was KEY. 

We had made an offer of a Security Information Item, that had high perceived value, yet cost very little
There was also a "sense of obligation" developed, that let the Salesperson "break the ice" and warm up to a customer. The nature of the sale is one where the Salesperson may be asked questions and could give a "sales angle", a persuasive argument about the need for a particular type of security solution.

Ah, grasshopper, we're not going to tell you the full details.

We've spent years developing unique ideas such as this one, which are designed to give maximum "punch" at a minimum cost.  We've found unusual formats, and worked out a way to allow them to be delivered cheaply by Post Office, Newspaper, Mailing LIst or other alternate carrier. We have not shown them fully in this webpage - however, we will show you in person, in a face-to-face exploratory meeting. (FREE, of course.) This gives us the opportunity to be the supplier of both the idea and the printing/mailing. We're 85% successful with these mailers - so we have many successful customers who try our methods, then repeat and repeat with continuing success.

Direct Mail can sell both Services and Products  to Consumers
This campaign for Homematix is a typical Business-to-Consumer Lead Generating Campaign. Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to consumers, including Telecom, Security, Water Services and Automotive Repair Services. Also, Direct Mail Marketing works well for most companies who sell Products to consumers: such as Consumer Electronics, Cameras, Telecom, Carpets, Jewelry, Furniture, Cars, Paint, and most other Business-to-Consumer sellers. Whether you sell a service or a product to a consumer, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well.

Isn't a list needed?
Yes, if the list is good. Often, we can develop a good mailing list for prospecting. Also, a campaign like this can often work successfully without the need for a mailing list. Often, a combination of both is best.

What's the cost for a Direct Marketing Campaign?
We'd suggest that you start with a minimum budget of $5000 to $10,000 to effectively test a Direct Marketing program. That's about what this campaign for Homematix Security cost. After a few successful campaigns, you can increase the scope of your Direct Marketing. Direct Mail Marketing can actually build a small business into a much larger one - fast.


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