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How did BC Tel, now Telus, use our Direct Marketing to successfully sell a Telecom Credit Card? How did we do it?

How to increase sales of Trucking Services
Overland Freight Lines was a mid-sized Trucking Freight and Local Courier company.
Overland Freight wanted to create additional sales of its Trucking Freight and Local Courier delivery services. Overland Freight wanted to add new customers, and get additional business from its existing customers. As well, they hoped we could get their sales force of truckers to become better salespeople. 

We created a powerful contest draw to involve shippers - they could win a free trip to Hawaii.
We created a Direct Mail campaign that would attract shippers with a free contest draw - every shipment would allow the users to enter the draw again.  Plus, we created a special method to get shippers to put a Telephone Sticker onto their telephones. Now Overland Freight's dispatch number would be highly visible on customer's telephones. 

We utilized a similar contest draw to motivate the Truck Drivers and Courier Drivers.
Overland's Drivers too could win a second trip to Hawaii or one of 50 other nice prizes, like big-screen TV's and waterbeds. We created a special involvement program for the drivers, to cause the drivers to encourage old and new customers. We wanted to have a serious incentive for the Truck Drivers themselves. To some, these Drivers were already highly paid. However, we did offer incentives to the drivers and it was very very successful.

Direct Marketing Program:
We created an inexpensive mailer, and blanket mailed businesses in Metro Vancouver. We have samples of this campaign that we can show you.

Wildly Successful!
Yes, their Sales increased dramatically. Yes, the shippers did put the Telephone Sticker onto their telephones.  Yes, the Truck and Courier Drivers suddenly became sales oriented. Yes, the Drivers cooperated with a contest that would reward them. We awarded the Hawaii trip to a very happy Overland customer. We awarded the second Hawaii trip to the deserving Overland Driver. 

Very Successful:
Overland Freight was very successful with this Direct Mail Promotion. Overland received an instant increase of 30% in business. The Direct Mailer and Promotion opened many new accounts, and increased their business with old accounts. The Overland Drivers gave more emphasis to "thinking sales". 

Mountain of Entries swamps Overland Freight  

"Shocked!" by the tremendous response was the reaction by Overland President and part owner Jim Donald. (left) "We expected a good response, but we were overwhelmed. ... Because of the response to this promotion, we're already planning the next one." (From their customer newsletter.) They have really big smiles on their faces. See their Customer Newsletter, click HERE.

Overland Freight received tremendous Sales Results.
This campaign is a typical Business-to-Business Service campaign.  Most important to Overland Freight was the increase in new accounts,  because these new accounts could be expected to give Overland their shipping business - forever

What we're not revealing on this webpage
The secret to good Direct Mail is participation by the viewer, what we call the "Play Value". We've deliberately avoided showing the world how exactly we did it on this website. However, we'd love to show you this in person, face to face. For this and most examples on this website, we have printed samples of the exact campaign that we can show you. 

What kind of Sales Results can you expect?  Using Direct Mail, most companies  experience Sales Results that are instantly profitable.
The results from B2B Service campaigns is usually spectacular. The phones start ringing immediately. Because the new sales from new customers do not usually increase your overhead - the profit margin is higher. 

Direct Mail can sell both Services and Products to Businesses 

Isn't a list needed?   

No, not always. We created this campaign to work successfully without the need for this client to have a list. For example, Vancouver City has 32,923 businesses while the whole of Metro Vancouver including the Fraser Valley together contain 78,119 businesses. Sometimes an addressed mailing list is the most cost-effective, usually both addressed and bulk-to-businesses is best. We'll find you good lists of prospects, specific to your industry or business. Many of the best lists are only available to the Direct Mail industry. Leave your list selection to an expert firm like Best Practices Marketing.

This Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to businesses, including Telecom, Machinery Repair Services and Delivery/Cargo Services. As well, This Direct Mail Marketing method would workfor most companies who sell Products to businesses, such as Office Furniture, Coffee Services, Stationary, Copier Sales, Computer Sales, Paper Products, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, and most Business-to-Business sellers. Whether you sell a product or a service, from Business-to-Business, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well.

What's the average cost for a Direct Marketing Campaign to sell your Business Services?
We'd suggest that you start with a minimum budget of $5000 to $10,000 to effectively test a Direct Marketing program. This Overland Campaign cost substantially more than that. After a successful test campaign, many clients choose to increase the scale of their Direct Marketing. Direct Mail Marketing can actually build any business into a much larger one - fast.


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