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How did BC Tel, now Telus, use our Direct Marketing to successfully sell a Telecom Credit Card? How did we do it?

Selling Telecom Products using Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing will always:
Increase Sales.
Find new prospects.
Create Loyalty.
Build qualified lists.

Long Distance Calling Cards are used by Business People who Travel Frequently
Calling  Cards are used by businesses whose employees travel frequently and make long distance calls - either collect calls or third-party billed. The Calling Card makes it easy and professional  to make calls from a client's office, hotel or airport. It's more professional to use a Calling Card rather than reversing charges. Our job was to explain the concept to prospects and convince them to add one more card to their wallet when they travel. 

This Campaign was Very Successful
It worked very well. Note the use of two tear-out stickers, to answer "yes" or "no" to the approval question. It was successful and repeated later, when it was expanded to a larger mailing. We have samples of this mailing that we can show you, along with the tricks that we used to increase the performance. 

They Received an Amazing Response Rate - over 22% - a Whopping Response!

BC Tel reported in a DMA-NY contest entry that they regularly received response rates from us of 22 to 26%, while they received only the typical response rate of 2% to 4% from other Direct Mail companies. Ordinarily, BC Tel guarded the response rates from us and others. Their Direct Marketing Manager at the time, Diane Armstrong said they "regularly got over 20% from us, while they only got the typical 2% to 4% from other Direct Marketing companies.

Note that this is not a 22% inquiry rate, but a 22% response in actual sales. Remarkably, this outstanding response rate was achieved by an inexpensive mailer.

What we're not revealing on this webpage
The secret to good Direct Mail is participation by the viewer, what we call the "Play Value". We've deliberately avoided showing the world how exactly we did it on this website. However, we'd love to show you this in person, face to face. For this and most examples on this website, we have printed samples of the exact campaign that we can show you. 

See this mailer in detail
We have samples of this campaign that we can show you in person. The key to this mailing was its simplicity and the use of the "Yes" and "No" labels. There's a well-researched but not obvious answer to this question: Why would it need both a "yes" and a "no" response stickers? We'll tell you this in person. Its a trick that we discovered, and still hasn't been discovered by other Direct Marketing companies. In fact, most Direct Marketing companies will tell you that a 22% response in sales is impossible. We achieved this high response rate in four different campaigns.

Direct Mail can sell both Products and Services very effectively
This campaign for BC Tel / Telus is a typical Business-to-Business  Service Campaign. Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to businesses, including Telecom, Coffee Services, Machinery Repair Services and Delivery/Cargo Services. Also, Direct Mail Marketing works well for most companies who sell Products to businesses: such as Office Furniture, Stationary, Copier Sales, Computer Sales, Paper Products, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, and most other Business-to-Business sellers. Whether you sell a service or a product to a business, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well.

To see some of the 300 other Telephone Company campaigns, done for BC Tel, Bell Canada, MTS and others, click HERE.

Isn't a list needed?
Yes, this mailer was sent to a list of prospects. Ordinarily, a combination of prospect size, prospect
industry, and prospect geographic location can develop a good mailing list for prospecting. Also, a campaign like this can often work successfully without the need for a  mailing list. Often, a combination of both is best.

What's the cost for a Direct Marketing Campaign?
We'd suggest that you start with a minimum budget of $5000 to $10,000 to effectively test a Direct Marketing program. After a few successful campaigns, you can increase the scope of your Direct Marketing. Direct Mail Marketing can actually build any business into a much larger one - fast.




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