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How did a UN Delegate convince 69 other UN Delegates to stay focused and not disband? How we led with a key step to develop the Kyoto Agreement in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our Marketing Campaign to assist a UN Delegate for Global Warming

Client:  Global Warming Research & Development Corporation was a United Nations Delegate for Global Warming 

Doug White's role on the world environmental stage - the Kyoto Protocol


The United Nations identified Deforestation as the #2 problem facing the world. As a UN Delegate, Global Warming Research & Development Ltd people traveled to Geneva, Switzerland frequently to meet with the other delegates. Each of the 70 UN Delegates was passionate about their own solution, yet unwilling to support other solutions. Each had tremendous passion which was good. Our problem was to take 70 UN Delegates and convince them to support a single solution - any single solution.


Deforestation is the removal of forest and the removal of the habitat's ability to ever produce a forest again. Factors such as topsoil, water and protection-from-erosion are needed for a healthy forest. The United Nations had gathered deforestation data from around the globe, then printed up a thick UN-published IPCC book on World Deforestation. The problem was this - it was too complex for the delegates to understand - they got bogged down in the data. 


We took the complex IPCC book's data and reduced it down to one simple paragraph for each country. Then we produced a short, silent, animated video showing the earth and each region's contribution to global deforestation.  It is a very powerful 3 minutes. Done in 1994, it was a short version, with a message somewhat similar to Al Gore's excellent Inconvenient Truth.


Within days of its showing to the other UN Delegates, the 70 delegates became convinced to work together to support a single solution. With all the team members focused on the best solution, they weren't posturing to push their own biases. Over the next few years, the UN Delegates put together a framework and eventually called it the Kyoto Protocol. At the United Nations, Global Warming R&D Corp was honored with being chosen by the other Delegates to "table it" for it's historic vote. Our President, Doug White, was asked to travel to Geneva to table the Kyoto Agreement. Our 6 years of hard work as a UN Delegate was successful. (There is no payment for participation as a Delegate.)

We are creating more opportunities to re-forest the planet and combat Global Warming

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We're also aware of several "new-technology" opportunities, brought to our attention as UN Delegates. We're assembling the right group of investors and management to utilize these ideas for the mutual benefit of the planet and investors. Contact us with your area of expertise, financial support and ideas. Email Doug White at to be placed on our mailing list. Together, we can do it. See this page for Investments information, click:

We're especially interested in contacting large land owners and growers of seedlings, anywhere on the planet. 

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