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How did we launch the Wajax new Industrial Product into a market that didn't know anything about Wajax? 

How did Wajax sell out of their Annual Quota in just 3 weeks? Discover how Wajax got unprecedented sales and built a list of prospects for future follow-up. Read how it was done using our proven Direct Marketing techniques...


Wajax is a major supplier to industry of specialized Mining, Construction, Forklifts & Forestry machinery and equipment

Objective: Launch the Kawasaki Wheel Loader at Wajax 

This was both a new product line for Wajax, and it sold in to new industries where Wajax was basically unknown and the product was a new category of product - the new Kawasaki Wheel Loader. So, this has two important strikes against it. However, we found a terrific list of prospects in the exact industries that Wajax wanted to target market to. We sent out a series of powerful mailers to this target audience with spectacular results. For example, a Garden Centre may not need a full-size loader for small batches of soil or gravel - this Kawasaki Wheel Loader is the perfect size. Plus the Kawasaki's price of "only" $110,000 was low compared to the $500,000 price for a full-size wheel loader.

Wajax  received excellent Sales Results 

In just 3 weeks, we had accumulated enought leads and immediate sales, that Wajax had sold out their annual allocation of Kawasaki Wheel Loaders. They were stunned by how quickly they'd sold out of their anticipated year's supply of Wheel Loaders. Wajax however was able to get their quota doubled. Then we sold out of the second year of quota in another 9 weeks. Plus Wajax still had many sales leads for specialized follow-up, guaranteeing them years of sales for this new division.

Direct Mail - the Irresistible Offer

Making a great offer is key to every marketing program. The offer must be irresistible. We created a 3-Part Direct Mail campaign that would encourage phone-in and mailed response. Each of the 3 parts had a different message. The list was chosen to select industries that would most-likely use or buy a Wheel Loader of this size.

Here's how we attracted quality Buyers and Sales Leads

First, the prospect list was chosen to include those industries that would most likely need a Wheel Loader. Then, the offer of a FREE model Kawasaki Wheel Loader was designed to interest that audience. We also had a draw for a Kawasaki ATV - all terrain vehicle. Prospects had multiple reasons to respond. They did respond powerfully and in high quantity. Our targeted list was accurate - we had found buyers, not just prospects. 

Wajax also wanted to be positioned as the best alternative to Caterpillar - "The Cat".

See this mailer in detail

We have samples of this campaign that we can show you in person. Naturally, we haven't revealed all the techniques used in these mailings. However, we will show you everything face-to-face.

We found Wajax Buyers, not just Prospects

This mailing was designed to attract and qualify prospects, but it sold so many Wheel Loaders that Wajax exceeded its annual allocation quota in just 3 weeks. Wajax appealed to the Japanese supplier Kawasaki for more machines, but were told "No increase in quota". Wajax re-appealed and were finally successful in doubling their quota. This too was sold out within 9 weeks.

Other mailers for Wajax:

We've done regular mailings for Wajax, each mailer featured multiple product lines:


What would we do differently now?

We've learned a lot since this mailing campaign. We'd include capturing email addresses and some proprietary internet capability. Today, at Mentor Marketing we're more adept in targeting the best
Secret Success Formulabusinesses.

Direct Mail can  sell both Products and Services to Businesses

This Direct Mail Marketing method would work for most companies who sell Products to businesses: Office Furniture, Coffee Services, Stationary, Copier Sales, Computer Sales, Paper Products, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, and most Business-to-Business sellers.  Similarly, Direct Mail Marketing has worked successfully for those who sell Services to businesses, including Telecom, Machinery Repair Services and Delivery/Cargo Services. Whether you sell a product or a service, from Business-to-Business, this method of Direct Mail marketing almost always works well. Direct Marketing works especially well selling high-end machinery & equipment.

logo Mento MarketingHow can your Company  increase Sales of Machinery by using Direct Mail Marketing and Internet Marketing?

To learn how your business could benefit from a focused Business-to-Business Marketing Program, contact us at 778-435-2120. 

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MasonLift - Toyota Forklifts

We recently did a successful mailing for MasonLift, BC's Toyota Forklift Dealer. MasonLift is the largest forklift seller in BC. 

KMS Industrial Tools

Secret Success Formula revealedIn the fall of 2006 we achieved our goal of increasing their sales by 30%

Could Direct Marketing Help Your Company to Increase Its Sales?

Maybe your company fits this profile: At Mentor Marketing, we're looking for one or two good long-term clients who really want to grow the sales of their company. Our owner, Doug White is a Machinist, operates his own Machine Tool business online, and he's a Turbine Technician & Designer. It's unlikely that you'll find anyone in Marketing with a better knowledge of Metal & Machinery than Doug. It's the unusual combination of Marketing and Machinery expertise that gives us the edge. There are three reasons for this: 

1) You want to be able to communicate your product advantages to Mentor Marketing and have us understand the real benefits. Ad Agency people often have difficulty understanding the specific needs of Industrial B2B Buyers.

2) Then, Mentor Marketing is able to communicate those benefits to the users clearly and concisely.  

3) Importantly, we must create an unbeatable offer that is relevant to your users. It results in increased sales performance for our clients.

contact usCall Doug White direct at 778-435-2120.


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